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How to Treat Business Website Costs for Tax Purposes

These days, most businesses have websites. But surprisingly, the IRS hasn’t issued formal guidance on when website costs can be deducted. Fortunately, established rules that generally apply to the deductibility of business costs provide business taxpayers launching a website with some guidance as to the proper treatment of the costs. Plus, businesses can turn to […]

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Important Considerations when Engaging in a Like-Kind Exchange

A business or individual can dispose of appreciated real property without being taxed on the gain by exchanging it. You can defer tax on your gain through a “like-kind” exchange or the Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. What’s a Like-Kind Exchange? A like-kind exchange is a swap of real property held for investment or for […]

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What is the Status of My Stimulus Check from the IRS?

Are you trying to check the status of your stimulus check from the IRS?  Here is a way that you can check on the status of your Economic Impact Payment. This link will give you information about: Your payment status Your payment type Whether the IRS needs more information from you, including bank account information […]

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