Business Consulting

You can count on experienced business consultants to provide ideas and solutions.

Business consulting may involve the identification and cross-fertilization of best practices, analytical techniques, technology implementations, strategy development, or even the simple advantage of an outsider’s perspective. Our business consulting experience includes providing services to the private sector, insurance companies, not-for-profits, and government entities.

Business consultants generally bring formal frameworks or methodologies to identify problems or suggest more effective and efficient ways of performing business tasks. Often the consultant provides expertise to customers who only rarely or occasionally require this particular type of knowledge. Successful business consulting engagements bring resources and/or expertise which the company’s internal management team did not have. This assists in creating real changes in the way the company runs its business. The following engagement profiles are representative of our experience in business consulting engagements:

  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Large-Scale Data Analysis
  • Transaction Structuring

Our team specializes in business consulting for multiple industries.

In an increasingly dynamic business environment, companies and organizations require sophisticated balance sheets and risk management tools to enhance and maintain their competitive edge. The optimal structure of a transaction often requires specialist advice.

We are frequently consulted in structuring complex business transactions such as:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Expansions
  • Sales or Succession Planning
  • Reorganizations

By working closely with our clients, our structuring services can assist in the development of transaction structures that minimize the potentially negative effects on reported earnings, develop pre-transaction and post-transaction tax structuring to minimize taxes, and consider long-term plans (for dividend repatriation) or exit strategies (capital gains).