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FEMA Reimbursement for COVID-19 Expenses for Private Non-Profits Webinar

In case you missed the webinar today on FEMA Reimbursement for COVID-19 Expenses, we have included information below that was discussed.  In the webinar, we also spoke about the CARES Act and the Employee Retention Credit. You can access the FEMA Reimbursement for COVID-19 Expenses for Private Non-Profits presentation at the link below. FEMA Reimbursement […]

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Private Nonprofit Work Eligible for FEMA Reimbursement

Under the Stafford Act, eligible emergency protective measures taken by private nonprofits to respond to the COVID-19 emergency may be eligible for FEMA reimbursement. In this situation, reimbursement would fall under category B of FEMA’s Public Assistance program. Please remember that this is at the direction or guidance of public health officials. How does FEMA […]

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Do Private Nonprofit Organizations Qualify for FEMA Reimbursement?

During this pandemic, many nonprofit organizations are trying to understand if they qualify to receive reimbursement from FEMA.  Here are a few things to consider if you work for a nonprofit or sit on a board of a nonprofit. What is the criteria to be an eligible private nonprofit for FEMA reimbursement? To be an […]

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