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Morning Motivation: I Already Know that I’m Enough

“And I would ask what I should bring, but I already know that I’m enough.”

In the ABC Sitcom, Abbott Elementary Principal Ava Coleman (played by comedian Janelle James) decides to assist educator Janine Teagues (played by comedian and viral sensation Quinta Brunson) with the Abbott Elementary step-team. Rather than saying she will bring a tangible, she states that she already knows that she’s enough. During the entire Season 1 of Abbott Elementary, Ava is probably considered the most admired character by viewers because she is unapologetically funny even though she is bad at her job and makes the other characters embarrassed and one harassed by her antics.

But what is remarkable about Ava Coleman is her self-confidence. Although it is clear to viewers that she is probably the worst principal ever caught on film, she is confident in her abilities as well as in her appearance. Ava is by far the most self-confident of the characters. In Season 1 Episode 1, she takes some of the requested school funding ($3,000) to utilize it on a new school sign with her picture on it and a new hairdo. “I always feel better when I get my hair done”, Ava says. “Thus, I do better work. Like I’m doing now!”

So What’s the Point?

Believe in yourself and what you’re capable of doing as well as what you will do. Self-confidence is key, even in cases where you may not be the best fit for situations. Make that decision!  Ask for what you want! Ask that person out on a date!

There is a FINE line however between self-confidence and narcissism which is why a self-audit is important (No CPA needed lol)! When you develop a sense of self-confidence, taking on your toughest challenges will become a small pebble in an ocean. This week, tap in to your confidence levels. Are you content with where they are, and if not, what steps are you willing to take in order to better yourself?

Health Tip

August is National Wellness Month, so that means anything that you believe and know will contribute to your overall wellness you should do! Doctors’ appointments, adequate rest, proper exercise, or eating balanced meals, go for it. Your health is your wealth!

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